This race series is made possible by the owners and drivers and the race prep. shops that support these cars. Please do not hesitate to contact the Series Manager with any questions related to the Series or cars. Indy Lights cars are excellent value both to buy and run. At most vintage events only the occasional modern F1 or LMP car will turn quicker lap times. Engine rebuilds are on par with a Formula Ford and most parts for the cars are readily available. The partner race prep. shops (see link above right) are all familiar with the cars. We invite you to join us at the races!

The Original Indy Lights Series was sanctioned by CART.  It ran from 1986 until 1990 as the American Racing Series and then re-named  the Dayton Indy Lights Series that ran from 1991 to 2001.  

The early cars were modified F3000 cars, but  Lola introduced the T97/20  specifically for the series in 1997.  The engine used from the beginning to the end of the series was the 425hp, normally aspirated Buick V6.

After the series ended in 2001, most of these cars were sold to private owners who are now actively racing them on the vintage circuit.
This picture was taken at the Detroit Lights race in 2000 by Mark Windecker.  Scott Dixon in the #17 Invensys car finished 4th and Townsend Bell in the #1 DirecPC car finished 7th.  

We are getting to the end of the season. The last weekend at VIR saw Travis Engen win the championship for the second year in a row. Congratulations to Travis who has a great season while commuting back and forth to Europe to campaign his Audi LMP1 very successfully there as well! We hope to see everyone at our final event at COTA in a few weeks.

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2018 Race Schedule:

Races 1 and 2           April 26-29, 2018               Road Atlanta (Mitty)       HSR
Races 3 and 4           May 17-20, 2018                Road America                 SVRA
Races 5 and 6           June 13-17, 2018                Indianapolis                    SVRA
Races 7 and 8           July 12-15, 2018                 Mt Tremblant                 HSR
Races 9 and 10        September 6-9, 2018         Watkins Glen                  SVRA
Races 11 and 12      September 20-23, 2018    VIR                                    SVRA
Races 13 and 14      November 1-4, 2018         COTA                                SVRA

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